3 Tips In Choosing The Best Beach Towel

beach towel

The water is getting warmer, the air is getting moist. Summer is officially here in Florida. Are you ready for a little fun little trip? Let’s stuff our beach bags with the best summer essentials. The first priority is, of course, the sunscreens. There is never too many sunscreens on the beach. Remember to apply the sunscreens to your face, neck, and arms every two hours. Also, a pair of sunglasses will help with the trip. You don’t want to hurt your eyes by looking at the sun directly. Most importantly, bring a GoBreezie microfiber beach towel!


Why the GoBreezie beach towel is the best choice when it comes to beach towel?


GoBreezie beach towels are designed to be sand-free, rapid dry and lightweight. The microfiber fabric guarantees its absorbency and quick dry. The beautiful beach towels are the best essential for your summer vacation.


Nowadays there are so many beach blankets available online including microfiber beach towel, cotton towels, and other towels in velvet fabric.  If you are the first time purchasing a beach blanket, you might find it complicated to pick the good one. Some microfiber beach towels are very vibrant while some other may possibly have a solid color or simple designs. Choose the pattern depending on your favorite.


There are other factors to consider when buying a beach blanket.

1)  The dimension of the beach towel. A full-sized beach towel which is 63*31 inches will be perfect to use as a travel beach towel as well since it rolls up very small. Its lightweight and compact make it easy to travel with. The round beach towel usually comes in extra large size and will be good for two.

2) Make sure the microfiber beach towel is sand free. We all enjoy beach time, lots of sand to massage your feet, all sands are very soft and delicate. But you don’t want the sand all over your foods, your shoes, and even go back home with you and stay in the washing machine forever. To avoid the sand-all-over situation, bring a GoBreezie SAND FREE beach towel! The combination of innovative microfiber and the unique woven method guarantees the towels to be sandless. The sand doesn’t stick to it, even when it is wet.

3) Make sure the beach towel is absorbent. Being absorbent might not sound like the most critical factor. But think about when you are playing around the water, your feet get wet and sandy. Or to say that you take a quick swim in the ocean. In these situations, the GoBreezie beach towel will quickly dry you up. And you can just enjoy the beach time like a breeze without being wet.


Let GoBreezie color your beach day. Check out more at GoBreezie’s website.


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