The Reasons Marketers Love Instagram Bot


Instagram as one of the most popular Social Medias is a favorite place for brands as well as celebrity and bloggers. They can promote their business and increase their brand awareness via this media. However increasing the number of real Instagram followers has become an important issue recently. With the new Instagram algorithm and high competition, the importance of having real followers who can engage with your posts and increase the engagement rate of them has become even more important and not as easy as it used to be. The number of fake Instagram accounts also is increasing constantly. It is especially important for brands to be sure that all the followers of an influencer’s page are real and would actively engage with their posts.

Instagram bot or Instagram automation tools are the simplest ways to increase real followers. There are many Instagram bots you can trust and rely on for their performance like Instamber Instagram bot. In this article, we would talk about how Instagram bots works. Continue reading if you are interested to know about their function and want to use one in the future.

What is an Instagram bot?

The easiest way to increase real followers on Instagram who are interested in your content is to interact with other pages. As you may have experienced before, when you follow a page and engage with its posts i.e. like their posts or comment on them, they would also be motivated to have a look at your page and finding your content interesting, they will follow your page as well.

An Instagram bot would work the same as real people and do the same actions Instagram users do on daily basis. It will follow other Instagram accounts and engage with their posts automatically on behalf of your account and based on the rule of reciprocity, the targeted accounts would also have a look at your Instagram page and reciprocate somehow. The rule of reciprocity which is one of the most important laws of human nature says all human beings feel obliged to repay people’s kindness and reciprocate. So using Instagram bot is a simple and easy way to gain real followers and higher engagement rate, it just needs initial settings to work properly.

How Instagram bots increase engagement

As we mentioned above, a good Instagram bot would increase the number of followers and also engage followers who have similar interests with you. However you should consider two major factors in having targeted followers; how you want to engage and who you want to engage with.

How do you want to engage with other Instagram users?

With an Instagram bot, you can interact with Instagram users in different ways. The bot can either like other Instagram users’ posts, leave comment on their posts, or follow them and if you want unfollow them; all these processes will be performed automatically. You can set your Instagram bot to perform one or all of these ways and also determine its pace Instamber Instagram bot

Who do you want to engage with?

Engaging with all Instagram users from different countries and backgrounds is not rational for sure. Instagram bot lets you to get targeted followers in different ways. Here are some of these ways:

  • You can set your Instagram bot to engage with users from a specific location.
  • You can choose hashtags based on which Instagram bot would follow users.
  • One of the best ways is to engage with people who are interested in your competitors’ pages. You can set your Instagram bot to engage with followers of these pages.

Based on the needs of your Instagram page, you can choose one of these ways or combine them. You should enter your Instagram bot’s dashboard to change its setting based on your preference and let the bot works.

Is Instagram bot really effective?

It may be the question of many people. The answer is yes but just using an Instagram bot will not guarantee people would follow you. The first and foremost criteria in engaging with your posts is to have high quality posts. Efficiency of your Instagram bot depends highly on the quality of posts and contents you share.

Instagram bots like Instamber are also more efficient as they have additional feature in which they give you data on how they are working and the number of followers you have gained since using these bots. Comparing this information with data gathered from other pages (your competitors’ pages), you can work on the quality of your page to gain more followers.

What is the advantage of using Instagram bot over other approaches?

I said before in this article that Instagram bot is the best and simplest way to gain followers but why? Here are some reasons that we consider it as one of the best ways:

  • Using Instagram bot, you will gain real Instagram followers. All the accounts that will follow you are real people, not fake accounts. They are people who based on reciprocity rule would follow you of their own will.
  • Instagram bot gains followers who are interested in your page and its content.
  • The cost of many Instagram bots is less than hiring a virtual assistant and their performance is much higher. The price of Instamber bot for example begins from 10 $.
  • You can gain Instagram followers based on the location of your interested. This feature is especially useful for brands that their sell depends on the physical presence of customers.
  • When you use Instagram bot to engage with other pages, you have enough time to increase quality of your posts.
  • An Instagram bot would work non-stop. This helps you even gain more followers compared to you engaging with other Instagram users yourself.


You may have enough time to spend at least 2 hours a day to find your desired Instagram users and engage with their page and posts. But it would definitely take a long time to gain followers which Instagram bot can reach in a short period of time. Instagram bots also would save your time for more precious tasks. Give it a try and use the bots free trial to see the difference.



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