Using LED Strip Lights in Your Kitchen and Dining Room


Strips of light emitting diodes (LED) will move anywhere offering very good lighting. These items are specifically helpful in kitchens and adjacent eating locations. The low voltage LED strips are more energy efficient, lightweight and each very small bulb works individually. They can be super bright or very subtle. LED strips additionally work with dimmers.

LED strips are available in bright white and softer yellow tones. A remote color switch control can be found with tens of thousands of different tone tones that can be set and easily changed with the lights.

LED strips also are available in colors for holiday decorations. The strips can work indoors or out since cold temperatures isn’t really a issue for them.

Kitchen utilization of those LED strips include:

Under shelves and cabinets
Interior of pantries and cupboards
Under islands
Along the ceiling around kitchen and eating area
Under cabinets 2835 led strip

The LED strips can be mounted under hanging cabinets and cupboards above them. Thus giving your kitchen a glow glow in the day. Overhead lights do not have to worry on. People coming in to the kitchen during the night could view where they’re moving minus the glowing lights.

The lights could be attached just above a floor below the lower cabinets therefore that soft lighting illuminates a ground. This assists in locating small items that might have dropped into the ground. Additionally, it helps in sweeping the area.

The lights can also be set on the top of a cabinet or on the wall . The closets might have spacious shelves without doors. The additional top lights can aid to locate items on high shelves.

Pantries and cabinets

Place bits of lighting in a pantry and join the decoration into the light switch. For those who have a walk in pantry, the strips will light all the shelves making it simpler to locate items at the back of a wall socket.

The flexible strips may be placed vertically as well as horizontally on the wall of a cabinet as needed. The strips will even do the job on the ceiling and provide lighting to items placed at the back of a shelf. The strips can be set below or above any shelf to aid in discovering stored items.

Even the light emitting diode strips are quite effective in an cabinet, cabinetry or cabinet with glass doors. The subtle lights light enticing dishes, glassware as well as other pieces behind these doors. The decorating possibilities are infinite whenever a remote color changer can be employed.

Under islands

LED lights placed under island or serving counters provide an attractive glow without glaring glowing lights. It shows that the counter or island into its best advantage, particularly if it’s used for meals.

LED lights under an island or pass-though counter may additionally help illuminate storage cabinets underneath the counter’s overhanging edge.

Dining room

LED strips attached to the wall just below the ceiling in an eating area adjacent the kitchen provide out a subtle shine. The lights might be regulated using a dimmer switch or color changer to get a romantic atmosphere. This is a power saving way to illuminate the dining room.

The light emitting diode strips come in spools plus so they can be cut into the specified length. The strips can be combined to peel and stick backing plus they might be inserted in to a metal tube that attaches to your wall or cabinet. Special socket connectors and controllers are offered for lights set in different locations.