Exciting Innovation For Cold In-Place Recycling of Asphalt Paving



Typical Sexy Mix Asphalt (HMA) plants have been equipped with a huge number of feet of un-insulated flexible metal”jumper” hoses. The main role of this”jumper” hose is to transfer sexy process oil at a key jacketed pipe along with a connection flange. Conventional insulating material technologies which utilize mineral-wool and aluminum cladding aren’t capable of servicing those pads as they will have a small diameter and a very tight bend radius. The end result is that the”jumper” hoses are abandoned un-insulated plus they’re a significant source of heating reduction costing HMA plants 1000s of dollars each year in energy inefficiencies asphalt plant for sale.

Recent improvements in

insulating material technology have enabled HMA vegetation to jumpstart the failed”jumper” hoses and regain important capital in energy economies.

The Tech

New advancements in insulation technology are choosing closed cell silicone sponge rubber as a main source of high temperature insulating security. The benefit with this material is it includes a very low thermal conductivity making it an exemplary insulator. Moreover silicone sponge rubber is fiberous unlike conventional vitamin wool and it does not required a hard aluminum unturned to contain the insulation substances. The inherent efficacy of silicone sponge rubber in combination with the above possessions, make it an exemplary way for insulating the restricted bend radius”jumper” hoses.

Economic Rewards

Insulating inch 1/2″ OD flexible metal hoses using silicone sponge rubber sleeves (under average operating requirements ) empowers HMA plants to recover up to $30 in heat losses for every foot of”jumper” hose at one seven (7) calendar month functioning year (assuming a winter shut down). This translates in to fuel heating costs savings of approx. Expenses are derived from 2005 North-America fuel costs).

In most uses the elastic insulating material will pay for itself within the first four (4) weeks of setup.

Installation Benefits

Along with the financial advantages, the new insulation technology is readily trimmed to length with an ordinary set of scissors and also is quickly installed inside the specialty. In many scenarios the insulation may be equipped with a loop and hook closed to simplify the installation to present lines based on line disconnection or even interuption. The hook and loop closed also will allow for easy accessibility to procedure lines while performing maintenance methods or troubleshooting procedure parts.