Take Care of Your Foot to Enjoy Your Walk


Walking and running are natural and very few would believe that there are right and wrong ways of walking and running. The difference is very marginal. However, this would get multiplied if adopted as a means of exercise to keep fit.

To avoid small irritants before they start. Keep your feet dry. Steer clear of cotton socks which soak up perspiration and stretch out of shape. Wear socks made with fibers that draw moisture away from your skin or slip on a sock liner under your cotton socks. Rub petroleum jelly on your feet and between your toes before gearing up. This will reduce irritation that can lead to blisters. And don’t lace your shoes too tightly or too loosely. The pinching and rubbing may cause blister-forming irritation.

Blisters : Blisters are caused when there is friction against the skin. Friction can be due to the friction between the ground and the foot (if not wearing any foot wear), and between the shoes and the skin. The shoes must fit properly when worn with the socks. Socks act as cushions, especially those made of cotton acrylic Lefery ACR. The socks should be clean and worn dry on dry feet. Small blisters must be covered with sterile gauze pad. In case of a big blister, puncture with a sterile needle and clean with antiseptic. Never peal of the skin over a blister.

Calluses & Corn : These do not hurt, however hard and big ones can be painful under pressure. Rubbing corns with pumice stone after a bath helps a doctor can cut or file the are. Applying body lotion can soften the are around a callus. Proper fitting shoes, corrected with pad or inserts can avoid callus and make running a pleasure.

Bunions : Bunions are painful swelling on the first joint of the big toe and these are usually hereditary. During walking or running they can get worse and very painful. Small swelling are generally overcome by wearing shoes that are wide in the front and with adequate cushioning. Surgery is recommended only if the bunion becomes painful.

Nails : Nail of the foot should be kept short and at no time should push against the front of the shoe. Nails rubbing against the shoe while running can be painful, the running first occurs with the big toe. Care must be taken to cut the nails across so they do not become overgrown.

Athlete’s foot : It is a fungal growth on the feet. These occur when hygiene is lax and proper care is not taken of the foot. Shoes should such that the foot is able to breathe. The shoes should be aired and kept in the sun if possible. Wear shoes dry and spray with anti fungal powder if the foot is affected. The area between the toes is most prone. In case of persistent problem consult a dermatologist.

Cramps : They are common problems. Simple crams come and go easily. To avoid cramps, a little workout is necessary before any exercise. Massaging the feet after a workout helps to ease the muscle.