Don’t Use A Needle Valve To Control Your Air Cylinder Speed!


Many industrial machines with compressed air being an energy supply, utilize air compressors or other pneumatic actuators to do the actual function.

Compressed air is’explosive’ since it goes from high pressure to reduce pressure in it is back into air. This way once the air valve shifts and atmosphere flows to the air, the air piston and pole moves extremely fast. A high-speed cylinder pole may well not be best for your program, and you also are going to want to decrease the speed and also the effect.

One particular easy process of controlling the speed of an air cylinder is installing leak controls at the atmosphere lines between your valve to the air cylinder, in the cylinder ports by themselves, or even even in the exhaust ports of their air valve, although latter is smallest desirable.

From the’valve exhaust’ sort flow control the controls may be far enough away from your air which the piston and pole might have traveled the full stroke until the exhaust leak controller can begin back-pressuring line to impede the tube. Cylinder control reaction time is definitely negatively affected depending on the distance from the cylinder to this flow control refer to shis page.

Some people elect for needle valves to restrain the stream of air in to and out of the atmosphere ducts, thereby reducing it’s rate. The problem with using a needle valve to control the speed of a air purifier is that it throttles the compressed air stream evenly in each directions.

If you are employing a bigger cylinder, by simply throttling the air in to the cylinder, you’re really preventing the smooth tubing stroke desired. As atmosphere pressure assembles in the tube it is going to reach the stage at which it interrupts the friction of the piston and rod seals and also the piston will begin to maneuver. As it goes, it increases the volume of the atmosphere space inside the air supporting the itself. Even the piston goes toward one end of this cylinder producing a bigger area behind than in front of it. This really is a place into which atmosphere needs to move quickly to be sure that the piston retains shifting. In case the air in-rush can’t keep up with the increasing pit size there will soon be insufficient stress to keep the piston moving, also it’s going to stop. Therefore also will your piston pole, also all these tooling you have installed on the conclusion of this.

The rule of thumb for using a leak controller to reduce and smooth air cylinder piston travel is to only throttle the exhaust air from the air. The air flowing to the canister port should never be reduced.

Just how is this accomplished?

Use a”cylinder flow control”. This is really a device that may well not search any different from your needle . Inside, however, there’s a more”needle bypass” that permits the atmosphere to bypass the needle that’s throttling the atmosphere reaching complete stream of atmosphere unidirectionally.

Even the”freeflow” of compressed air through the cylinder flow controller permits the unit, when it is mounted in the right orientation, so to give entire and un-throttled in rush of atmosphere into the cylinder, yet, once the valve has shifted and the double-acting air cylinder has reversed, the more air that is currently flowing from this air will be throttled into the degree necessary to achieve the cylinder rate desired.

There is going to be another cylinder flow controller on the opposite point far too, and this also works the very same way.

As a result, airflow into the air vents at either end of the cylinder is wholly unencumbered giving High Force piston movement. The piston is attempting to go rapidly and at full power, but as the exhaust flow of air is impeded by the cylinder flow control, the piston moves with full electrical power, however in a controlled and desirable rate.

Most cylinder flow controls will have a schematic on both sides revealing that the flow avenues to make sure that they are installed correctly.

Some cylinder flow controls have been designed with sealant coated man threads for screwing to the canister jack, and using an”instant” form fitting to that the canister air line can be immediately fittedand features which save time and cash.