Why Are The British Purchasing Property In Hurghada?


Distance is a factor.

From the mid 2,000’s onwards, British people started to look elsewhere for holidays which could offer them better value for money with guaranteed sunshine, yet not considered long haul.

Hurghada is referred to as mid-haul within the Airline industry being only about a six hour flight from the UK and most of Southern Europe.

The shorter flying time compared to some long haul destinations is a major factor in why many Europeans choose to come here, with an Airport very close to all major districts in Hurghada, it means a short transfer time between the airport to hotels and residences. Another great reason to consider purchasing property in Hurghada west palm beach personal injury lawyer.


The climate is another reason why people are choosing to purchase properties in Hurghada with an all year around sunny climate and temperatures even in winter rarely dropping below 15c (at night), it seems a natural choice for holidaymakers and long term residents alike.

Even in the hottest month of July when temperatures can reach as high as 45-50degrees, the breeze off the beautiful Red Sea is a welcome factor.

What to do

The choice of activities is plentiful in Hurghada as it is geared up for tourists of all tastes. Along with the tourists, it attracts long term visitors which helps the Real Estate market in selling more properties in Hurghada.

Whether you are more interested in sun, sea and relaxation and wish to spend time on one of the many soft clean white sandy beaches, or adventures such as diving or snorkeling in the wonderful coral reefs of the Red Sea, desert adventures such as camel safaris, quad biking and sand surfing.

The choices are endless. More reason to be here and consider buying that fabulous property in Hurghada.

Along with this are several main areas such as Sheraton Road district of Sakala and the lovely Promenade at Mamsha where there is unlimited shopping, dining, coffee shops, night life and more.

There is also a central Port and Marina where many tourists and locals alike spend time walking, relaxing and getting together over dinner or coffee in the many outlets offering a wide range of cuisines at very affordable prices. Therefore wherever you choose to buy your property in Hurghada, you are very close to all major attractions.

Post Revolution

Since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, and the continuing unsettled situation that resulted in the expelling of President Mohamed Morsi, it is fair to say that many foreigners were reluctant to travel to Hurghada and several European countries cancelled flights.

However, the unrest has not touched the Red Sea resorts and flights to and from Europe have resumed as normal. British and Europeans are still purchasing properties in Hurghada.