ACT Consultants Help Determine Which System is Right for You

For years, ACT! software has been the leader in customer relations management. ACT 2008 brings an even greater number of features and additional functionality to the sales room and the boardroom. If you’re a business owner it’s often difficult to determine which version of ACT 2008 will provide your enterprise with the best return on investment. This is one of many areas where ACT consultants can help.

ACT certified consultants have achieved the highest level of excellence in selecting, integrating, and managing ACT 2008. The best ACT consultants have also had years of experience in the CRM field, and understand the special needs of various industries. Obtaining ACT help from consultants before your software purchase can lay the groundwork for an imminently successful implementation.

ACT 2008 is available in the regular version, the Premium version and the Premium for Web version. All three versions allow you to organize contacts and leads using a variety of features, such as over 60 pre-defined fields, extensive notes and history, and the ability to track appointments, opportunities, and task lists.

When it comes to managing daily responsibilities, all three versions of ACT 2008 enable you to manage calls, meetings, and tasks, see multiple calendar views, and schedule recurring events. The differences between the versions come into play with group scheduling, managing resources, and synchronizing with Outlook těžba kryptoměn.

The features involved in tracking sales opportunities are constant across all three versions of ACT 2008 software, with the exception of customization of fields and types. Otherwise, there is a graphical sales tool, a feature called “Instant Quotes,” pre-formatted sales reports, and the ability to export data into Excel.

Communication features include mail merge via letter and email, address verification, customer correspondence history, and Outlook integration. Depending upon the version of ACT 2008 that you choose, you may also access an email client.

All three versions of ACT 2008 give you a suite of tools with which to manage your business, although the specific features vary from version to version. They all have a variety of search capabilities and an interactive dashboard, as well as advanced reporting features. The Premium and Premium for Web versions of ACT 2008 are designed to accommodate large teams, and include special security features and password rules.

ACT consultants can meet with you and analyze the needs of your company and industry, and then recommend which system you should license. Equally important, ACT certified consultants can perform a complete implementation so that your company can get the best possible return on investment. They can also conduct specialized training, system administrator training, on-site support, extensive customization, and data recovery. Moreover, many ACT consultants are remote sales force automation experts and can demonstrate each option so that your sales force can access the system remotely.

There’s no doubt that ACT consultants can effectively serve the interests of your company by offering recommendations, customization, and support.

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