The Importance of Backup Recording Your Teleseminar

Why should you have a backup recording? Backup recordings are an essential part of the process. Just imagine… you have an extremely important teleseminar set up that you’re having recorded. It’s taken you months to set up the guest speaker and weeks organizing the call itself. You think you have everything taken care of only to find out that while you were on the call, there was a technical glitch and only part of the call was saved. Or perhaps a storm caused a power outage which caused your final file to stop midway through the call.

How to avoid a disaster like that? Make sure that you have someone recording your call from a totally separate location – I even like to advocate it being in a separate state. This removes the possibilities of power outages, or phone lines down affecting the final product.

An added benefit of having a second recording – there are times when the distance to the call center can affect the call quality, and having multiple recordings gives you additional options for which recording to use, and sometimes more options when editing.

Why should you pay even more money for a backup recording when you’re already paying for the primary recording? Well ask yourself this: is it worth $50 per hour to ensure nothing goes wrong with a recording that could potentially earn you hundreds of dollars, even thousands? It’s a sound investment not only financially, but for your peace of mind as well!

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