KPG ROOFINGS draws on the expertise and experience gathered from nearly 25 years as an industry leader. Our range of tiles, fittings and accessories combined with market-leading technical support services, enable us to deliver total pitched roofing solutions you can rely on. Working with some of the Kerala�s leading roofers and providing a vast range of roofing products, the important thing that one must look at is to have a strong roof, you need a good & well – reputed roofing company like KPG Roofings. We are confident that KPG Roofings can provide you with all your roofing needs.


Our technical resources set us apart. We have unrivalled access to market-leading research and testing to make sure that the effects of weather and the environment upon roof tiles, fittings and accessories are well understood.

So you can have confidence in our products and systems, protected by a comprehensive 25-year design liability and roof weather tightness guarantee for complete peace of mind clay roof tile.


From roof tiles and underlays to eaves systems and ridges, KPG Roofings have a comprehensive range of roof products and systems. All elements of KPG roofs are carefully designed, tested and manufactured to give value, visual appeal and a long-lasting weather tight performance.

KPG Branded Tiles vs. Traditional Clay Roof Tiles Cost: Advantages and Disadvantages of Tile Roofs

Do you love the distinctive and attractive look of KPG roof tiles? If the answer is yes, then you are among a growing number of homeowners who pick tiles as the roofing material of choice for their homes.

KPG Tiles offer many great benefits including durability, Color permeability, longevity, energy-efficiency, great curb appeal, low maintenance, heat resistance and wind mitigation (with proper installation and maintenance), fire safety, and more. KPG Branded Tiles are designed by perfect combination of high quality Ceramic and White clay ingredient. White clay provides superior reflectivity, heat resistance, relatively lightweight, long lasting, and environmentally friendly, fire and weather resistant, Low maintenance and Ceramic provides extremely hardness and durability.

Disadvantages (Cons) of Traditional clay tile roofing

As wonderful as Traditional clay tile roofing is, it does come with disadvantages as well. The first is the weight of the individual tiles. If your home already has this type of roof, then the roof was built strong enough to support it. However, if you are installing them for the first time, you need to be sure that your roof can support the weight. You may need to add support beams before beginning installation. The other real disadvantage is the maintenance, painting and cost. Though much more expensive than other types of roofing materials initially, the fact that they probably will never need replaced should be considered.

Disadvantages (Cons) of Roofing Sheets

The biggest disadvantage of roofing sheets are the fact that these were not galvanized and that resulted in rust. The intensity of sound you will hear while you are inside your home during rainfall with corrugated metal
The expense for installation is a bit on the higher side though the low maintenance cost compensates that in the long run.
Denting, occasional bumping and bruising are some of the common issues that are hard to avoid with metal sheets. Hailstorms can lead to denting in these sheets.
The Advantages (Pros) of KPG Branded Tiles

Modern day KPG roof tiles offer great value for money as well as specific advantages over the alternative roofing materials. At a glance, the advantages are:


They can be made in different forms and shapes and even color to suit one�s requirements.
They require very little to no maintenance at all.
In case of damage, for whatever reason, the damaged tile can simple be replaced as opposed to expensive repair work.
KPG tiles are water-proof, fire-proof, rust-proof and weather-proof, making it one of the most durable construction materials known to man.
They don�t weather and their color does not fade away. KPG roof tiles even offer a 50 year warranty on the color.
KPG roof tiles won�t rust, fade, warp, disfigure or corrode.
Life expectancy of KPG tiles is at least a 100 years.
Minimal Environmental Impact

The raw materials used to manufacture KPG tiles are non-toxic naturally occurring clay.
The water that runs off a tiled roof is potable and so aids in rain water harvesting.
Even the process of manufacture of KPG roof tiles has no harmful impact on the environment as there are no harmful effluents, waste by-products or emissions.

KPG tiles offer natural insulation thereby reducing the expense on electricity for heating or cooling as the case may be;
Due to KPG tiles being extremely durable, maintenance costs are range from zero to Zero.
Traditional clay roof tiles are even heavier (2.75kgs) than KPG Branded tiles (2.2kgs), an Expert Price Comparison of Traditional clay roof tiles is running INR.35 to 37 plus tax and transportation whether KPG Brand Roof Tiles are running INR 44 inclusive all tax with no maintenance.
Visually Stunning

In addition to the effective advantages KPG tiles offer, they also look wonderful and have a distinctive European appeal due to their longevity and durability, your home will retain its aesthetic appeal for a long period of time. Also, because KPG tiles can be in standard shapes and sizes, one does not need to worry about their home looking like one of many clay tiled roofs.

Concrete Roof Tile Cons

Durability – Concrete tiles have a long lifespan, surpassing more common roofing materials, but they won�t last as long as KPG tiles. The average lifespan of concrete tiles is 30-50 years, compared to 100 years or more with KPG tiles. The color will fade over time. Concrete tiles simply don�t retain color as well as KPG tiles.
Not ideal for cold climates – Concrete tiles are Disposed to moisture absorption. In extremely cold climates, they can freeze and break. If you live in a cold climate
KPG Roof Tile Pros

Durability – KPG roof tiles have a longer lifespan than concrete tiles. It is not uncommon to find a KPG roofs that has remained intact for centuries.
Color – KPG roof tiles hold their color longer than concrete tiles. Generally, KPG tile won�t fade due to exposure to the elements. However, make sure you�re purchasing tile that has been oven -fired to seal in permanent color.
Resale value – Installing a clay roof will increase the resale value of your home, due to the product�s durability and long lifespan.
Flat roofs

Known for their space saving, compact design flat roofs are particularly good for smaller structures, such as extensions, dormer, porches and garages. A flat roof is basically a horizontal base fixed to the building’s ceiling joists and then covered with a waterproof membrane. To enable rainwater to drain from the roof, a flat roof is slightly pitched by just a couple of degrees.
Flat roofing is both economic and efficient, which saves the owner energy and money. Its construction involves considerably less labor and materials than its pitched roof counterpart and full replacement can often take just a day.
Traditionally, flat roofs were constructed from mineral felt that was then covered with a thin layer of stone chippings to protect the roof from UV sunlight. However, there is a tendency for flat felt roofs to blister in hot weather, attract damaging moss and algae and crack with temperature changes.
Sloped roofs

A sloped roof has at least two slopes that rise to meet at a peak. Known for their long lifespan, their construction is designed to enable usable space in your building’s loft area, maximizing space and affording the type of flexibility that a flat roof simply can’t match. Your property will benefit from added insulation and rooms will not be afflicted by extremes of temperature that can come with a flat roof installation.
Unfortunately, sloped roofs also come with a hefty price tag; their complex design and significant labor and material costs mean that sloped roofs are far more expensive than a flat roof. In addition, installing a pitched roof may result in issues with the depths of your property’s footings as it places a greater burden on the building’s foundations. This means that it may not always be possible to replace an old flat roof with a sloped roof.
How KPG Roofing Tiles Cools Your Home